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Super Start! My First Piano Patterns

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"Meridee Winters Super Start! My First Piano Patterns" is designed specifically for young beginners. By using musical patterns, simple diagrams and fun characters, students sound great from their very first lesson - without needing to read music.

The book takes them on a fun tour through Planet Plunk, where they learn new skills and songs in each chapter. Once they complete their final concert, they'll be ready to space-surf to Meridee's "All Star Piano Patterns" series where they'll learn chords, arpeggios and much, much more!

Super Start Students will learn:
-Finger Numbers
-Black Keys
-White Keys
-The Musical Alphabet
-Simple Intervals
Great-sounding Pattern Songs
-Creative Spins
...And more!

This book is a great supplement to other beginner piano books, or can be used as a standalone introduction to piano. It's pattern-based approach is also great for alternative learners, including those with ADHD, ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and more.

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