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Meridee Winters Method and Pattern Books

CHORD CRASH COURSE: Learn chord theory and foundational skills to encourage creativity

Meridee's “Chord Crash Course” provides piano students with essential musical skills, great results and a strong foundation for their own creativity. Before creating the MW School of Music, Meridee Winters owned a recording studio. She found that many vocalists could not play piano or guitar, and as a result, could not write a song on their own! As a solution, Meridee developed a “crash course” that gave them the chord theory and skills they needed, helping hundreds of musicians become better writers and performers. Years later, Meridee began teaching piano to children, and found that her “Chord Crash Course” was a great tool for students of all ages. The end result is a music book unlike any other, designed to provide you with great results and a strong foundation for your own creativity.

CHORD QUEST POWERFUL PIANO LESSONS: Go beyond finger exercises and learn the power of patterns

Many finger exercise books do just that - exercise fingers. These books go beyond just finger exercises, urging students to flex their brains and imaginations, while gaining valuable skills and learning the power of patterns. Go on an interplanetary adventure as you learn about chords, arpeggios and more while you work your way to the ultimate challenge - your belt test. These books prove that finger exercises can be FUN!