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“I have witnessed this program spark brilliance in kids. Whether teaching themselves how to play their latest favorite songs on the piano or writing their own songs, students of the Meridee Winters Music Method all share a common foundation based on chords, patterns and games. The results are easy to see and last forever.” – Alan Rakov, Former Violinist, Current Music Industry Executive, Proud father of 2 MWMM Students.

"I'm a science professor and if we taught math and physics like this starting in first grade, we wouldn't have to be importing all our engineers from distant shores.  We cling to the 19th century philosophy that to be good at something it has to be painful.  Meridee Winters' educational method has shown our family that this is simply wrong." – Peter Beckman PhD., Professor of Physics, Bryn Mawr College

"As an occupational therapist to children, I wholeheartedly recommend my students to Meridee Winters. Her school has a fantastic program that excites and energizes children of all learning styles and the teachers are well-trained and caring. I've met them myself. Parents wonder which music programs will motivate their child.  Look no longer! This is it!" - Sandy Purvis, OTR/L, Occupational Therapist/Owner of HandRIGHTing, Ink. 

"Meridee's methods provide differentiated instruction for students of all ages. Meridee's methods are unique because they can be customized to each student's ability level.  The repetitive nature and scaffolding approach to learning enable students to develop skills to the fullest of each student's own unique potential, musical style and interest level." - Melissa Tuckey, M Sp Ed Educational Support Coordinator Philadelphia SD

"Meridee's method is PERFECT for vocal students and aspiring songwriters! Her exercises are specifically written for to get students playing songs they love quickly, with easier to understand patterns. Vocal students with no previous piano experience will find her method extremely useful when learning chord symbols and arpeggios... They will be singing along with their songs in no time at all! Moreover, this book encourages students to write their own music - An invaluable skill most vocal students never get a chance to learn. By learning specific chord patterns, like I-V-Vi-IV, students will be able to recognize the chord patterns in songs they know, as well as write their own "creative spin." - Anne Pengilly, Music Director, Piedmont School of Music and Dance

"I love using this book/method with my older students! It goes through simple patterns that are still satisfying to hear and play, but doesn't focus too intensely on note reading. It's a great way to keep my students who aren't as interested in classical music focused on progressing their music theory knowledge, but it includes some classical patterns along with patterns found in rock, pop, and other cultures. It also encourages improvisation, which I've never seen in another lesson book. A great investment." - Vickie G. Borden