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Meridee Winters Homework Books and Journals

Homework Book and Practice Trackers: 

Are you a music student who wants to maximize progress? Are you a music teacher who wants to give yourself and your music students a tool that will track their lesson assignments AND promote practicing? Would you like a visually fun book that will help you set musical goals, notate music, assign lesson homework, and record music theory – all in one place? If so, this is the music lesson secret weapon you’ve been missing!

MW Composition Books: Document the magic of your musical experiences! 

Keep track of your musical progress, write songs, notate your musical ideas and more with the one-of-a-kind Meridee Winters Composition Books. This is the place to record your greatest hits, your goals and dreams, strategize a practicing plan, track your progress and assignments, make your own glossary of music terminology, create your own music games, and much more! Never before has completing your music lesson assignments been so much fun!


Meridee Winters Music Method homework and practice trackers and Composition Books are the “secret weapon” organizational tools your teaching studio has been missing! No longer will your students leave their lessons unsure of their assignments, what was covered in the lesson, or how much progress they are making – you and they can track it all in one place, in this easy to use and fun resource. Your youngest music students will want to draw and color their ideas (and many students love to color in the book covers as well), while older students will enjoy the opportunity to write and notate in more of a traditional journal format. The flexibility of these music journals allows for unlimited combinations and learning styles.

With a wide range of collectible color options and special editions available for Piano, Guitar, Violin, and Songwriting, in addition to general editions for use with any musical instrument, you’ll want to have these on hand for all your music students!