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Meridee Winters Music Method Books for Young Beginners

Specially developed music materials to engage the youngest beginners 

Meridee Winters has created one-of-a-kind music instruction materials to assist music teachers in engaging the youngest beginners in an approachable, holistic, and fun way.

A great deal of research exists regarding the powerful and positive effects of music and music instruction on young children. Because of the neural plasticity of their brains, young children learn much more quickly and easily than their older counterparts. Their developing minds are ripe with curiosity and wonderment, making the period from ages 3 to 5 a small yet powerful window of time for musical development. Modern research proves that our brains process music like language. We also know that young children are wired to learn language more easily. It makes perfect sense to engage in music lessons when very young. From the colorful games of “Piano Playground” which introduce the fundamentals of rhythm, musical patterns, counting, and music note reading, to the simple creative patterns of “Piano Castle,” young students’ first experiences with music lessons will be exciting, rewarding, and just plain fun!