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Meridee Winters Alternative Learning Music Materials

Wouldn’t it be amazing if every music student had the ability to be highly creative and also highly disciplined? They could make anything happen! With the Meridee Winters Music Method, our goal is “Integrated Intelligence” – for every student to cultivate and integrate all the abilities they need to create their most rewarding life (in music and beyond). As all music teachers are aware, it is common for every student to have many gifts – and also challenges. Some students are afraid to take risks, such as playing a wrong note or writing their own songs, and those students may need a different action plan than a more typical learner. Meridee’s groundbreaking music instruction curriculum is for learners of all styles, including students on the autism spectrum, gifted learners, and those with dyspraxia. With her creative music curriculum and original music lesson materials that incorporate concepts such as stimulus variation, universal music patterns, songwriting, and improvisation, Meridee Winters has seen her unique music method benefit thousands of students. Meridee Winters Music Method materials can be tailored to suit a music student’s specific needs and goals, resulting in a fun and successful musical experience.