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About Meridee Winters Music Method

Create with confidence

The Meridee Winters Music Method creates trailblazing piano method lesson materials that can transform music lessons for any piano student or music teacher.

Created by a former school music teacher, the Meridee Winters Music Method was created as a solution to a problem: music lesson and exercise books teach at the “rote and recall” level, with little room for creativity. Traditional lesson books are also designed so that students are months into lessons before they get to experience great-sounding music. There is also a need for a creative and engaging piano instruction method adaptable to learners of all styles, including gifted learners, young beginner learners, students who fall on the autism spectrum, those with dyslexia, and more.

Meridee's solution to these problems has earned her a cult-following of music educators, parents and self-taught musicians throughout (and beyond) the US. By focusing on the patterns that are found everywhere in music, students can play and create incredible music, starting with their very first lesson. These patterns allow students to exlore genres from classical music to pop to the blues, and play the chords to accompany their favorite songs.

These pattern books, as featured in the Chord Crash Course and Chord Quest series, are supplemented by game books that promote creativity and work skills like rhythm, note reading and more. Very young beginners can start their musical journey with the Super Start series before graduating to Chord Quest.

Learn more about Meridee Winters School of Music - where our method has been put into practice successfully for more than 20 years: