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About Meridee Winters Music Method

Meridee Winters Music Method

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The Meridee Winters Music Method and the Notes of Brilliance books are trailblazing materials that can transform music lessons for any student or teacher.

Created by a former school teacher, the Meridee Winters Music Method and Notes of Brilliance was created as an a solution to a problem: that lesson and exercise books teach at the "rote and recall" level, with little room for creativity. There is also a need for learners of all styles, including gifted learners, young learners, students that fall on the autism spectrum, those with dyslexia and more.

From her popular Chord Champion series, which turns learning finger exercises and chord theory into a fun challenge, to Piano Castle, a fun exploratory adventure for young beginners, the Meridee Winters Method and Notes of Brilliance truly have something for all learners and lovers of music.

Learn more about Meridee Winters School of Music - where our method has been put into practice successfully for more than 20 years:


 Meridee Winters Music Method