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[SPIRAL BOUND VERSION] Chord Crash Course Book 2: A Teach Yourself Piano Book for Older Beginners and Adults

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Spiral Bound Version for Easy Page-Turning!

Adults and older beginners can now play piano without the struggle (and without reading music) using the power of chords! Do you want to accompany yourself as a singer, songwriter or performer? Have you always wanted to play an instrument but don’t know where to start? Do you know the basics but want to sound better and learn more complex chords? Are you a music instructor who is looking for a way to liven up lessons or teach popular music? The Chord Crash Course Series will have you playing great sounding music in no time with its simple and fun pattern-based approach.

Meridee Winters Chord Crash Course Book 2 is a followup to Meridee’s popular Chord Crash Course Book 1, which taught key skills like chords, chord progressions, major/minor, lead sheet reading and much more. Chord Crash Course Book 2 goes a step beyond, introducing higher level chord theory like inversions, seventh chords, sus chords, new rhythm patterns and more – all with the same clear and entertaining approach that made the first book a cult favorite.

A professional educator and musician, Meridee Winters originally created “Chord Crash Course” while working in a recording studio. She found that many vocalists could not play piano or guitar, and thus could not fully complete a song on their own. As a solution, she developed a “chord crash course” that easily taught them the skills they needed, helping hundreds of musicians become better writers and performers along the way. Her teaching method has now reached thousands of students.

In this book you’ll learn:
Inversions - How to reorder chords for smoother playing
“Next level” altered chords like Seventh Chords, Sus chords and more
Various accompaniment styles found in hundreds of hit songs
Popular chord progressions that will allow you to play your favorite songs - from pop to classical to blues!
How to play from a lead sheet
And much more!

The Chord Crash Course Series is a great standalone introduction to playing piano or supplement to any music method. Chord Crash Course is a part of the innovative Meridee Winters Music Method. 

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