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How Piano Lessons Help With ADHD

meridee winters music method ADHD strengthsWouldn’t it be amazing if every student had the ability to be highly creative and also highly disciplined? They could make anything happen! With the Meridee Winters method, our goal is “Integrated Intelligence” – for every student to cultivate and integrate all the abilities they need to create a rewarding life (in music and beyond). It is common for every student (not just kids with ADHD) to have many gifts – and also challenges. Some students are afraid to take risks, play a wrong note or write songs, and actually need a different action plan than the typical ADHD learner.

For ADHD students, who are often gifted in creativity and adventurousness, the challenges are in: sustained attention, self-organization, planning, goal achievement, and more. 

One of the guiding principles of the Meridee Winters Music Method is “Transformation Through Music.” Frequently, ADHD students work with an occupational therapist to help them with the life skills they need. Music training, however, can address these skills one on one while also teaching them an important life-long skill: music! Some people say our method is like music therapy, and others say it is like occupational therapy, but we believe it is something else entirely.

While it is easy to focus on the challenges of ADHD learners, their unique learning style also comes with its advantages. The MW Method is unique in that it focuses on the learning strengths of ADHD learners, in addition to their difficulties. 

Students with ADHD are well known for their divergent thinking, so creativity and metacognition are areas they excel in. The Meridee Winters Music Method is rich in ways to start songs and finish them. Because the ADHD mind is adventurous and jumps right in, sees patterns in different ways, is able to multitask, and is not afraid to try new things – these students are in their elements when being creative. Our world is valuing creativity and entrepreneurship more every day. This is a chance for these students to learn about their strengths early on, while wiring neural superhighways at a young age.

Check out our chart below to see how our materials help highlight the strengths of these amazing learners and also help mitigate the challenges.


Meridee winters music method ADHD