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(SPIRAL BOUND) Meridee Winters All Star Piano Patterns Book 2: Heroes of Harmony

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All Star Piano Patterns takes the same fun and practical music instruction from Meridee’s wildly popular "Chord Crash Course” series – but paces and formats it for kids!

Through 55 exercises, plus dozens of games and activities, Book 2 students learn:

-New chord progressions
-Arpeggio variations
-Oom-Pah styles
-Rhythm/Comping patterns
-Lead sheet reading
-Alberti Bass...
-And much more!

"Meridee Winters All Star Piano Patterns Book 2" contains 98 pages of exercises, games and instruction designed specifically for kids who are beginners to piano, All Star Piano Patterns Book 2 builds on the chord skills learned in Book 1. (Book 2 can also serve as a starting off point in the series for students who already have basic chord skills.)

By using musical patterns, simple diagrams and fun characters, students sound great from the very first exercise - without needing to read music. This book is the second of the All Star Piano Patterns Series, and takes students on a fun tour through Planet Sunstone, where they learn new skills and songs in each chapter, earning badges along the way. Once they complete their final test, they'll receive their Yellow Belt, which grants them access to Planet Goldspark and All Star Piano Patterns Book 3. Because of its strong emphasis on patterns, the All Star Piano Patterns series is a valuable tool for alternative learners including those with ADD, dyspraxia and more. This book is a great supplement to other beginner piano books, or can be used as a standalone teaching resource.

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