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The Meridee Winters Method:
“Crashing” Classrooms With Creativity

meridee winters music method in the classroom

Download sample posters from the "Meridee Winters Chord Crash Course" series here.

At the core of the Meridee Winters method is the belief that music students aren’t just limited to learning music, but can also create it themselves (and have fun along the way). This has made Meridee’s books, games and activities popular with private music students and piano teachers from Pennsylvania to California, but did you know this trailblazing method can be used in the school classroom, too?

meridee winters chord crash courseOne teacher used Meridee’s “Chord Crash Course” in her high school classroom to set the musical foundation of her “Singers and Songwriters” class.

“ So many of my students have benefitted from the experience of songwriting. They’re really able to express their emotions more — maybe in a way they weren’t able to before."
— Meg R., High School Music Teacher

And here's what one of her students had to say...

"I really enjoyed using the Meridee Winters Chord Crash Course book and the songwriting journal in my Singers and Songwriters class. The book helped me learn new things on the piano that I didn’t know before. Also, the songwriting journal helped me organize my thoughts and great songs came out of using it."
— Jacqueline R., High School Songwriting Student


Meridee’s method appeals to each individual’s natural sense of musical wonder by encouraging creative innovation and higher level thinking. While covering the knowledge and skills that traditional lessons address (repertoire, skill drills, flash cards, reading, chords and more), the Meridee Winters Music Method sparks brilliance by building creativity and higher level thinking. The generally accepted method for teaching an instrument is to teach only at the lowest level of learning – rote and recall. The Meridee Winters Music Method emphasizes creativity and innovative thinking, helping to build creative intelligence by tapping into the brain’s highest level of learning.


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