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Motivate Your Piano Students to Practice

piano music lessons practice homework book journal lessons

Are you a student starting piano lessons soon? Are you already a piano student who wants to maximize progress? Are you a piano teacher who wants your music students to have a tool that will track piano assignments AND promote practicing? Do you want a visually fun music practice book that will let you set goals, notate music, assign homework, and record music theory – all in one place? If so, this is the music lesson secret weapon you’ve been missing!

piano music practice lessons homework book journal

The Meridee Winters Piano Lesson Log & Practice Tracker includes:

  • Staff paper for notating music, song ideas and more
  • Notebook pages for writing out assignments and lesson notes, complete with a weekly practice tracker
  • Goal-setting pages
  • Music Theory tools like a build-it-yourself blank glossary for theory concepts and a circle of fifths chart
  • A “Create Your Own” music practicing game board
  • … And more!


    piano music lessons practice homework staff paper notebook



    About the Meridee Winters Music Method:

    Founded by a former school teacher, the Meridee Winters Music Method was created as a solution to a problem: that lesson and exercise books teach at the “rote and recall” level, with little room for creativity. There is also a need for great music materials for learners of all styles, including gifted learners, young learners, students that fall on the autism spectrum, those with dyslexia and more. The Meridee Winters Music Method tackles all of these complex needs with her playful, progress-boosting books and activities.

    Organize, create and supercharge your piano lessons with this innovative practice book, part of the Meridee Winters “Whole Brain” approach to music education and a great supplement to any series.


    piano music lessons homework book journal