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Learn to Play Piano Today!

PLAYING PIANO HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER! Over 10,000 students have used this method.

Do you...

  • Want to play piano quickly and easily?
  • Want to play lead sheets, fake books and popular songs without reading music?
  • Want the tools to write music and even accompany yourself?
  • Want instant access to cool-sounding music patterns without struggling?
  • Have songwriting ideas you want to explore?
  • Want to play piano by ear and play chord progressions by ear without reading music?
  • Secretly dream of being a famous star someday?

Then this piano book is for you!



play piano by ear

Meridee Winters Chord Crash Course has cracked the chord code and empowers piano, voice or composition students of all levels with the essential patterns needed to play piano easily right away. You will be able to play piano using key piano patterns within a few lessons.
The history:
Before creating the Meridee Winters School of Music, Meridee Winters owned a recording studio. She found that many vocalists could not play piano or guitar, and as a result, could not write a song on their own. As a solution, Meridee developed a “crash course” that gave them the chord theory and music skills they needed, helping hundreds of musicians become better songwriters and performers along the way. Years later, Meridee began teaching piano to children, and found that her “Chord Crash Course” was a great tool for students of all ages. The end result is a book unlike any other, and a resource that can have any musician, songwriter or vocalist playing by ear and creating in no time. From piano finger exercises to chord progressions and music theory to songwriting, this book has it all!

A great tool for teachers:
Take your piano lessons to the next level! Chord Crash Course can be used as a stand-alone book, or as a supplement to any piano method or lesson book. Engage students and exercise fingers in a fun way – some students have even referred to Meridee Winters Chord Crash Course as the “Harmonic Hanon” of finger exercise books. This series tackles piano fundamentals like major and minor, intervals, and even transposition, while also incorporating jazz piano patterns, classical piano patterns, rock piano patterns, pop piano patterns and more. 

"Meridee's methods provide differentiated instruction for students of all ages. Meridee's methods are unique because they can be customized to each student's ability level. The repetitive nature and scaffolding approach to learning enable students to develop skills to the fullest of each student's own unique potential, musical style and interest level."
- Melissa Tuckey, Former MW Instructor, M Sp Ed Educational Support Coordinator Philadelphia SD

A great tool for amateurs, beginners and self-taught musicians:
This book can assist in playing piano by ear, playing chords, playing lead sheets, or learning to accompany yourself while you sing. By the time you have finished this piano series, you will not only be able to play popular songs and lead sheets, but you will have a solid grasp of music theory, chords, songwriting, music composition, piano scales, transposition and more. Whether you are looking to play for fun, or to take the first steps toward reading music and taking traditional lessons, Meridee Winters Chord Crash Course has it all.

A great tool for parents of alternative learners:
Because this book focuses on the power of patterns and playing piano by ear, it is a great resource for learners of all types. Learners with ADHD, ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and dyspraxia will enjoy and benefit from “locking into” the pattern-based songs. (Bonus: these songs also sound great!) For learners with dyslexia, this book’s shift of focus away from reading music will allow them to play songs without struggle. Gifted learners will enjoy both the patterns and the opportunities to diverge and play piano by ear.

“I have witnessed this program spark brilliance in kids. Whether teaching themselves how to play their latest favorite songs on the piano or writing their own songs, students of the Meridee Winters Music Method all share a common foundation based on chords, patterns and games. The results are easy to see and last forever.”

Alan Rakov, Violinist, Current Music Industry Executive, Proud father of 2 MWMM Students.

A book like no other, Meridee Winters Chord Crash Course is the piano music series you have been waiting for.  Buy your copy today!
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