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Chord Books

It's true - piano and keyboard players of all ages can and SHOULD be playing chords from their very first lessons!

Chords and arpeggios are the most common and powerful patterns found throughout all types of music – and yet many students don't learn them for years, or ever!

With Meridee's trailblazing chord and pattern-based approach, students can be learning chords and arpeggios from their first lessons, before they can even read music.

Both the Chord Quest and Chord Crash Course series are designed to be taught by pattern, rather than reading music. Using our kinesthetic keyboard diagrams and step-by-step instruction, anyone can apply these powerful patterns to play and write music. (Don't worry - we think reading music is great, too, and highly recommend our Note Quest Game Book to work on that skill!) 

For those who can read music, these books work as a great supplement, adding higher level chord theory and comping skills to your existing skill set.