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My Secret Plot to Rule the World.

I’d like to share a letter I wrote for parents and students at one of our school concerts. In short, it is a mission statement, and this blog is just one small part of my mission for a more creative world.

For years now, I have had a secret plot to take over the world. Bahahaha!!!

All this time, you thought you were merely having music lessons, but something mysterious and magical was happening beneath the surface. The time has come to reveal my secret.

My (not-so-evil) secret plan is to take over the world… with creativity. I plan to create a team of creative geniuses who can dream new dreams, express themselves freely and envision a better world! Who will these creative geniuses be, you ask? Well… you. Yes, YOU are a creative genius in the works.

Like any good diabolical plot, this all started with a horrible tragedy years ago. Long ago (cue the flashback) I was a sweet, innocent elementary school teacher, fresh out of college and ready to inspire my young students. But rather than inspiring them as I had hoped, I was forced to torture them with rigid lesson plans, make them stand in straight lines and ask them to sit still in one chair for hours on end. There was no time for creativity, new science inventions or any of the other great projects I had dreamed of. We were too busy training to take tests.

When I couldn’t subject one more student to that creativity death-ray, I broke free and went on a quest, searching for ways to find and express my creative self. I thought music was the answer. It is a creative art – right? I was shocked to find that all of my music teachers taught by rote, reading and recall. These were music lessons, but they STILL lacked creativity. The death ray had a wider scope than I had thought.

I had to continue my quest for creativity for many long, lonely years (which you can imagine as a montage of scenes – researching, practicing, writing, searching… you get the idea). Eventually, a plan was hatched: to make music lessons creative and empower creative thinkers everywhere. Ha! I would tailor each lesson to suit the student and help them unleash their own individual genius. I also would train teachers to be mentors using famous role models like Yoda and Dumbledore (it’s true) and teach them how to guide each student to be a powerful, magical creative genius.

Like all genius masterminds with dreams of changing the world, people thought I was crazy at first. But now scientists, educators and authors are all saying what I have been saying all along. Creativity in education is imperative for everyone. Luckily for me, I have the system. Bahahaha! My plot is working.

If you are reading this, chances are that you are also on the way to being your own creative genius. What do you say? Let’s take over the world.


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