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Music Matters: Tips for sticking with it, even during soccer season

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It's funny - when parents call to sign their child up for lessons, they often confess how much they regret quitting music lessons themselves. We've had dozens of these types of calls over the years, but have yet to have one parent say that they regret sticking with music.

The benefits of music lessons last for a lifetime. The Journal of Neuroscience shared that "musical training before the age of seven has a significant effect on the development of the brain, showing that those who began early had stronger connections between motor regions -- the parts of the brain that help you plan and carry out movements." The benefits for older students are great as well: the NAMM foundation reports that music students score an average of 100 points better on the SATs. There was also a New York Times article that explained how music students are better listeners for life. On top of that, students who study an instrument score higher on intelligence, emotional and creativity tests. In short - music students have a huge advantage.

Perhaps you know of these benefits, but are still struggling to fit music into a busy schedule. Here are some tips for you: 

Talk with your teacher. Aside from yourself, no one is rooting for your child's musical success more than his or her teacher! Our teachers are trained to customize lessons for each student, and that includes revising goals and practice schedules when life gets busy.  

Set a big goal. One of the best ways to recharge lessons is to work toward a goal - like performing in one of our shows. While performing in a show may seem like you're adding to your busy schedule, it can transform practice sessions into rehearsals, and renew interest in music. Other great goals include writing an album, making a musical, or creating a portfolio.

Don't skip the commercials. That's right. A fun way to squeeze in extra practice time is to run to the piano or grab your guitar during that 2-3 minute break and play through a song or exercise!

Structure practice time. It's like going to the gym - the act of putting off practicing is more stressful than practicing itself. Talk with your teacher to come up with a plan, and then find a few windows of time each week to schedule in a practice session. If this is a struggle, consider moving to two lessons per week. Some of our busiest families have tried this and doubled their progress.

We hope you'll try some of these tips, and we're glad you've chosen to
make music and important part of your child's life. The benefits are


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