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Music as Language Arts Influenced Curriculum

We all have heard the saying that music is a universal language. I have always believed that music should be taught like a language, and I use a language arts curriculum as one of several inspirations in my method. Recent neurological research supports this approach, showing that the brain processes music in the same way it processes language. By utilizing the precepts of a language arts curriculum, students achieve better results in the fundamentals: reading and rhythm.


Meridee Winters Music Method

Language is for expression! What would language be without the ability to engage in conversation, state opinions, tell a joke or make up a story? The Meridee Winters method is one of the few in the world that encourages students to be free to play naturally with the musical language from the start.


Meridee Winters Music Method

I am a former elementary school teacher who left the system to become a studio musician/composer. Over time, I have combined these experiences to develop the Meridee Winters Music Method. When I began teaching privately on the Philadelphia Main Line, I integrated the way I taught professional musicians in my recording studio with my expertise as a language arts teacher. Disappointed with lesson books, I started creating materials for my students. Over time I developed a language arts model of teaching music that has grown into a strong and flexible curriculum that can be used as a supplement/boost to any lesson book series.

My curriculum draws on the strengths of jazz, rock and classical methods and incorporates them into a supplemental method that helps anyone create with confidence.


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