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Fight the "Winter Blues"

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The winter blues is a real thing, especially when it comes to music lessons! Did you know it is common this time of year for kids to want to quit lessons? It is an easy trap to fall into, but is also one that is easily overcome.

Ways to beat those blues:

Acknowledge them.
Demystifying the feeling helps kids normalize frustrations. Some students may think they want to quit at this time of year, not knowing it is just a case of winter blues. Talking about it will help carry them through to the other side and remind them that just
like the season, this is temporary.

Start a fun mini-project.
Can you come up with a fun incentive for practicing 5 times a week? Can your child/student practice during the week and then do a "performance" at home during the weekend? Or film a music video of their best song? There are endless ways to rekindle a student's musical interest – work with them to come up with a fun new challenge.

Winter is an amazing time to let your imagination wander. Stuck inside? Use it to your advantage! Science tells us that boredom is a fantastic catalyst for creativity. The season itself also provides some built-in inspiration. Improvise a tune about snowflakes, winter wind, ice skating and more!

Play games!
Music can always be a game! Make a fun practicing game with your musical
superstar. MW Homework journals have blank game forms in them, as well as game score sheets for practicing with a metronome. MW Flash cards can be used for more than just drills. Create chord progressions, rhythm challenges, notereading challenges and more! Our Piano Karate Game Book  is full of games and challenges that are sure to keep things interesting and fun.

Play some real blues:
Sometimes the best thing to combat the winter blues is... playing the blues! Improvise or create a song about sad snowflakes, being stuck inside or a broken sled. Take a lesson book song or a popular, easy to play blues tune and change the lyrics to fit your bluesy winter mood.


Whether you are a parent or a teacher of a music student this time of year, the most important thing is to realize that the occasional thought of quitting is a normal, predictable part of the learning process. The best thing you can do is shift gears, exercise your own creativity and help your musical maestro through this trying time. Remind your musician that just like the season, this slump is temporary, and sticking with it brings a much better shot at musical success than giving up!


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