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April Showers Bring... Beginner Brainstorms: A Springtime Musical Activity

Clear skies? Rain? Whatever the weather, capitalize on April's stormy reputation by exploring the twinkly high notes and the booming low notes of the piano. This is a great (free!) activity for young beginners. Use it as an opportunity to spark creativity, tell a story, explore dynamics and have some springtime fun all over the keyboard.

Tip! After playing this storm, students can take it a step beyond by drawing and playing through their own storms!

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About Meridee Winters: Meridee Winters is a professional educator, musician, author and director/owner of a successful Philadelphia area music school. Meridee began her journey as an educator teaching elementary students in a Florida public school, where she discovered the curriculum and school system left little room for divergence and creativity. She made the bold decision to leave and attend graduate school to study Music Composition, eventually starting her own private music school. Today, that school has spent two decades introducing thousands of students to not just music, but to Meridee’s trailblazing method that encourages creativity, play and higher-level thinking with each lesson. As a composer and professional musician, Meridee has instructed at all levels ­– from professional recording artists working on albums to computer music classes in the recording studio, and from young beginners taking their first steps on their musical path to intermediate students writing their first songs. Meridee is a dedicated advocate of creative intelligence whose foremost passion is empowering creative and authentic self-expression in each individual. She now spends her time developing new materials and books to nurture these. She does her work as an author, as well as director of the school, from her home in Delaware County, PA.
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